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King County Prosecuting Attorney Satterberg Made the Right Decision Today

The Washington Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty agrees with Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s statement today that pursuing the death penalty in the Michele Anderson case “would not be in the interest of justice”.

WCADP Board President, Stefanie Anderson affirms, “The WCADP opposes the death penalty in all cases.”

The pursuit of death for Michele Anderson has stretched this case out nearly 8 long years. Had the King County Prosecutor’s Office chosen not to pursue the death penalty, Anderson would likely already be serving life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Seattle Times reported today that Pam Mantle, Erica Anderson’s mother, said that the decision not to seek the death penalty is “a relief.” “It’s been devastating for all of our friends and family,” said Pam Mantle. “We’re all just worn out from the whole thing. It’s almost eight years.”

The death penalty is applied unequally, it is not a deterrent to crime, and seeking it is very expensive, costing much more than life without parole.

Two juries have rejected death so far in 2015 – in the McEnroe trial in May and the Monfort trial that ended just last week. These three cases alone have cost taxpayers approximately $15 million, and none of them will result in a death sentence.

In January of this year Mayor Ed Murray, all nine Seattle City Council members and City Attorney Pete Holmes signed a letter urging the state Legislature to pursue safe and just alternatives to the death penalty. Governor Inslee announced a moratorium on executions here in February 2014.

It’s time that King County Prosecutor Satterberg commits to never seeking the death penalty in any case, and joins other local leaders in advocating for the end of this ineffective policy in King County and all of Washington State.

There are 19 states without capital punishment – 7 of those have abolished the death penalty since 2007. It is long past time that  Washington join these states on the right side of history.

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